• In Collaboration between BADUNG Regency and ITDC presenting The First Night Run in Bali with the best view ever seen along the route, with a total prize 600 Million from various categories
  • Badung International Night Run’s Logo is designed with the concept RED, BLACK, and WHITE colour. It inspired from the colour of TRIDATU which means 3 strengths and it associated with the Balinese philosophy.
  • THE YELLOW CIRCLE SHAPE symbolizes the RISING SUN, indicating the location of The Badung International Night Run is in the area of The Nusa Dua which has a sunrise view, and it is held early in the morning until sunrise time.
  • THE CANDI BENTAR according to the Balinese architecture has a meaning as the main gate. It also symbolizes as the main gate of The Nusa Dua tourist resort.
  • HUMAN RUNNING is characterizing as a running sporting event itself.

TAGLINE : #RUNACROSSTHESEA – CHASINGTHESUNRISE – The sensation of running in the early hours of the night with a finish to the rising sun is an experience that will be given to runners. That The Nusa Dua area has a sunrise view that can be enjoyed by runners when after running

  • BADUNG REGENCY has an important contribution and position for Bali Tourism. Where The Ngurah Rai International Airport is located in Badung Regency as the main entrance of foreign tourist to Bali. Badung Regency also has variety of tourist destinations such as beaches and cultural attractions. Badung also well known as the center of tourism accomodation and MICE.
  • Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation, or ITDC, is one of the Indonesian state-owned company known for developing and operating the Famous World Tourism Complex: Nusa Dua. Located in the southern part of Bali, which sought to create an environmentally friendly and integrated model for tourist destinations.
    With more than 40 years experience in creating world-class tourist destinations, ITDC is now ready to spread out its wings and take a part of Government vision especially in tourism development and attraction.
  • As the five stars hotel complex and the largest mice tourism in Badung, The Nusa Dua ready to take the position for advancing Bali Tourism
  • To reaching target of Badung Regency for 7 Million tourist by 2018 with part of Badung Soul of Bali
  • Supporting government program in reaching the visit of 20 million tourists in 2019
  • Strengthen the Badung Regency brand image as a sport tourism destination